Why You Need Travel Insurance For Your Next Trip

Buying travel insurance is a no-brainer if you’re flying somewhere. But how about if you’re driving? Do you also need travel insurance for your next trip if you’re going by car?

You do, say experts. They say travel insurance is “a necessity for those traveling.”

“We have seen hundreds of cases where individuals are seeking compensation for their travel arrangements when they haven’t even bothered to cover themselves from the start,” who edits an auto components website.

And that applies to road trips, too. For drivers, travel insurance may be the most critical component of all.

Yes, you need travel insurance for your next trip

“Before pulling out of your driveway to hit the road this summer, it’s a smart move to put travel insurance on your pre-vacation checklist,” say our MIG agents. “Travel insurance may reimburse you for covered losses faced on the road such as trip cancellations or interruptions due to hurricanes and other weather-related events, to injuries or illness.”