Why life insurance is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift

Forget chocolates, flowers and a nice dinner. The best gift for Valentine’s Day is life insurance. Here’s why.

What are the components of a great Valentine’s Day gift? It should be romantic, personal, intimate even. It should demonstrate both love and commitment, not to mention that elusive blend of spontaneous passion and careful planning. It should be a surprise, if possible, yet somehow perfect, as if your beloved had specifically asked for it in advance.

Welp, we’ve looked high and low, and there’s only one gift that checks all these boxes: Yep, it’s life insurance.

Hear us out. A life insurance policy says you care, and it says you’re serious about your relationship. It shows that you can think long-term, and that you’re creative—after all, life insurance isn’t the kind of thing that pops up on those clickbait listicles about Valentine’s Day gifts. Just imagine how surprised he or she will be when opening the box. (Which reminds us: You should print the policy and wrap it in a box.)

Your special someone will appreciate it for years and years to come. Can you say that for flowers or chocolate? We think not. Best of all, and unlike some gifts we can think of, it will definitely fit.

But in case you’re still skeptical, please indulge us in more detail as to why life insurance is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

1.It’s romantic.

Sure, you could stand outside someone’s door with a boombox and declare your love through a perfectly chosen pop song, Say Anything-style. But we’ve found that grand gestures, while impressive, often ring hollow. It’s the small kindnesses that show you care. Holding open a door. Remembering an anniversary. Hiding a love note in someone’s bag before they head to work.

Life insurance is a little like that. It’s not a small kindness, exactly, but it’s not an over-the-top gesture, either. Instead, it’s a solid way of saying “We’re in this together, so let’s take care of each other for the long haul.” It demonstrates that you want to be Mr. or Ms. Right, not just Mr. or Ms. Right Now. And really, what’s more romantic than that?

2.It will last.

Flowers wilt. Chocolates get eaten (or left, all sad-like, in the box until someone throws them out). Meanwhile, you could take out a life insurance policy for 30 years.

In fact, life insurance is that rare gift that almost everybody needs — no matter your age, your marital status, if you get life insurance through work, or whether you have (or don’t have) kids.

3.It will really wow someone.

Diamonds are forever, but there’s a difference between the rocks used for industrial drills and the ones on engagement rings. Same goes for life insurance. A life insurance policy — whether it’s a 20-year policy, a 30-year policy, or even a million-dollar policy — is only as good as the company that backs it. You want a policy issued by a respected insurance company that is well-rated by leading independent rating agencies (like A.M. Best) so that you’re taking an important step in protecting those you love. (We know, again with the “l” word. We’re lovers, what can we say.)

4.No waiting for delivery.

Do you have access to a printer? That’s all you need to turn your policy into something tactile to wrap in time for Feb. 14. You could take out the policy that very morning!

No printer? Well, you can always forward the email confirmation.

5.Did we mention it’s guaranteed to fit?

Because it will. For life.

6.If you play your cards right, it might even lead to beneficiaries.

Look, if someone gave us a life insurance policy for Valentine’s (hint, hint), let’s just say we would be very generous with rewarding that certain someone, if you know what we mean. (We mean we might get them a life insurance policy to say thank you.)

But yeah, romance will be in the air, and one thing could lead to another, and … well, the next thing you know, you’ll be wondering how to name a child as a beneficiary for your policy.

And we know, we know. You’re thinking it’s not the kind of present that makes for a great presentation, a memorable “wow moment” they’ll be talking about for years to come. Well, you’d be wrong — just check out these printer-ready Valentine’s Day Coverage-grams we made. Consider it our Valentine’s Day gift to you.