Spring Cleaning Your Insurance

It’s Spring Cleaning season!  The frigid air of winter is fading away and being replaced by the chirps of birds, the heat of the sun, and luscious green grass.  Not only is this the perfect time to clean out your home, but it’s the perfect time to clean up your insurance!

Auto Insurance

Do you still need all the coverage you had in the winter?  Perhaps you need more coverage now?  Speak to an insurance agent about your current policies.  Make sure you’re getting all the discounts that you can.  Good student, good driver, multi-car, and paid-in-full discounts are just a couple to consider.  You could possibly be eligible for many more.

If you have a car that is only driven in the warmer months, make sure your auto insurance policy is ready to help protect you if something were to happen to that car.  If you lowered your coverage during the winter because the car was not in use, upping your coverage now is probably a good idea.  This also applies to motorcycles that are used seasonally.

Homeowners Insurance

Like auto insurance, start by reevaluating your coverage.  Do you have enough? Could you get a discount somewhere?  Calling an agent doesn’t take too long, and could save you money.

Now that winter is coming to a close, house remodeling is back in swing.  If you are thinking about renovating or building, it is important to have enough homeowner’s insurance coverage.  In the event that something goes wrong, you’ll want to be protected.  Decrease your risk by adjusting your policy’s limits.

Flood Insurance

Spring flooding is a concern, even if you do not live in a high-risk zone.  Even if you are not required to purchase flood insurance, it may be a good idea to do so.  You can assess your risk with our flood tools portal.  Water damage could end up costing you thousands, so now is a good time to think about getting flood insurance to help protect your home.  After all, they do say April showers bring May flowers.  It’s better to beat those April showers before it’s too late!

Boat and Personal Water Craft Coverage

The joys of water activities are always something to look forward to.  There’s nothing quite like a day on the water with your family and friends.  However, having proper coverage on your PWC is vital.  If there was an accident or some mishap, the consequences could be devastating.  Having your water craft insured will help protect you and those around you.  If you have a sailboat, you can learn about your insurance options, contact us.

Travel Insurance

Spring break and summer promise fun and sun, especially if you plan on going somewhere warm.  During the warm months, travel becomes more prevalent.  Having travel insurance could be useful for big trips and making sure your stuff is protected.  If you are planning on going on a road trip and renting a car, here is what you should know about rental car insurance.  If you plan on being away and are considering home sharing there are some things to know.

Valuable Items

Over the past few months, you may have accumulated some expensive items.  After the winter holiday season and Valentine’s Day, you may have gotten some nice jewelry or luxury items for your house.  Take inventory of your valuables.  Your homeowners policy may not cover all of your valuables, so it may be beneficial to considering getting additional coverage.  Talking to an agent will help you determine the coverage you need to keep your stuff safe!

Call an MIG agent at 305-222-9001 or pop by our office! We’re always happy to help!