3 Tips for a Summer Road Trip in Florida

Summer and road trips go hand in hand! Whether your family is planning to visit the theme parks in Orlando or you and your best pals are heading to The Keys for a weekend getaway, planning ahead can help ensure your trip will be one for the memory books – for all the right reasons! Don’t leave things to chance Before you pull out of the driveway in Miami, Florida, auto insurance, car maintenance, charging cables for all your devices and healthy snacks should all be considered.

Before you hit the road, you may want to consider following these helpful tips:

1. Make sure your car is road ready

Ask your mechanic to check out the car and make sure the tires and breaks are in good shape and that everything else is in good shape – including your air conditioning (can you imagine driving around Orlando for a week without air conditioning?!).

And don’t hesitate to ask the insurance experts here at Morgan Insurance Group in Miami, Florida for an auto insurance You don’t want to find out when your hundreds of miles from home that you’re not covered for an accident.

2. Stock up on goodies

It’s always important to stay hydrated in Florida’s summer heat. If you don’t already have reusable water bottles, you might want to include adding some to your road trip gear. Many reusable water bottles can keep water and other drinks refreshingly cold for hours! (If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, you may want to fill one with hot coffee!)

It’s tempting to stock the car with cookies, chips and candy when you’re heading out on vacation. But these days there are so many healthy – or at least healthier – options that are just as convenient to pack. Check the produce section of your grocery store, you can grab a bag of baby carrots, a bunch of grapes or maybe some bananas. You’ll also find pre-packaged snack servings with fresh fruits and veggies. Nuts can also be a good snack to include – especially healthy nuts like almonds and walnuts – that provide healthy fats and protein to keep you going mile after mile. These days you can also find whole grain crackers and chips.

3. Don’t let yourself get drained!

You don’t’ need us to tell you that we’re more reliant on our mobile devices than ever. You don’t want to take the chance of having your smartphone die on you when you’re relying on it for directions in unfamiliar surroundings. Double check that you have packed all the necessary cables and consider keeping a portable charging device in the car, too.

As the folks at VisitFlorida say, “With a variety of high-test two-lane drives, Florida road trips might just be the best road trips of them all. From coast to coast and from Pensacola to Key West you’ll discover a mix of coastal roads, long stretches atop the Lake Wales Ridge, and forest roads that shoot like blacktop arrows through the green pines. So pull out a map, choose a starting line, and get rolling.”

We hope you and your family or friends have a great time as you head out on your road trip. If you do have the misfortune to be involved in an accident while you’re away from home, the car insurance you got in Miami, FL from Morgan Insurance Group will provide financial coverage for any resulting vehicle damages, property damages and/or medical expenses. How much money and how much you will be responsible for in terms of out of pocket expenses will depend on the policy. If you have questions about your existing coverage, give us a call. If you’re looking for a new policy, simply fill out our Quote Form and get ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with auto insurance from Miami, Florida based Morgan Insurance Group.